Normal at point in Subd?

It’s probably just me, but I find Subd support a bit barebones in Grasshopper?

What am I missing? I hope I don’t have to tesselate the SubD because that takes 300ms…

The Evaluate Surface ‘Point’ input needs to be ‘UV Point’. It says ‘uv’ when you disable ‘Display | Draw Full Names’.


But why is the Srf CP red? Maybe Brep CP will work on a SubD?

Thanks for pointing the UV Point out to me!

And yes, apparently you can feed a Subd into a Brep node and it will implicitly convert it, but then you have to explode it to be able to evaluate it…

A bit cumbersome, but it seems to work.

You can obtain SubD normals directly from Brep CP.

Oh, damn! I didn’t notice that node. :sweat_smile: Thanks again.

From your other thread: