No right click option for "Slab" button in main VisualARQ tab

Took but a minute to fix. This is the “full” VisualARQ tab not the separate “slab” tab available. The right click option (vaSlabStyles) is non-existent out of the box. Very easy to fix though.

In the picture below ignore the highlighted tab. The one I’ve circled in red is relevant:


The right click option was missing “out of the box”. I’ve since filled it in:

In the slab-specific tab the right-click info was there. That’s how I was quickly able to figure it out. Very easy fix so I’m only posting this as an FYI in case you’d prefer to include it in the next release, or for anyone who’s using the same tab as me and wondering how to get to the styles :slight_smile: .

Thanks @keithscadservices ! Actually, that toolbar requires an update, not only for that missing Slab Styles command (or the roof styles too), but also because it should include many other commands available in other toolbars:

  • vaCurtainWall> From Curves
  • vaCurtainWallExtend
  • vaBeam > From Curves
  • vaStair > Spiral
  • vaStairClearanceContour
  • vaRailing > From Curves
  • vaSlabStyles (right click)
  • vaRoofStyles (right click)
  • vaSlabSubtractStairClearance
  • vaSplit
  • vaFlip
  • vaFillet
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Hi @keithscadservices,

I just want to let you know that we have just released VisualARQ 2.13, which includes this change you reported.

You have all the information about this new version here: VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.13 released