No Rhino 5 evaluation license email


I wanted to try Rhino 5 for 90 days (for Windows) but I don’t get a license email. To make sure everything else works, I ordered a 90-days Rhino 5 license for Mac and I got a license email. Anyone got an idea about what the problem might be?

Hei, I’m trying this here now as well and will keep an eye on it.
BTW, is there any reason you are not trying Rhino 6 for Windows?

Thank you!

The reason is because I want to try a plug-in that’s not compatible with Rhino 6 yet. Supposedly, it’ll be updated in 2018, but so far no word if that’s happening or when and I’d like to try it as soon as possible.

Hi @carlde - Are you using the same email you use for Discourse to download the V5 eval or are you using another one?

I have tried a few emails, including the one I use for discourse, yes.