Licence query

I have a license for Rhino7, Rhino5 for Mac, and an educational rhino5 for Windows . I need to use the Rhino5 for Windows to use my old Flamingo V3.0 license for a project. On my account, it shows my Rhino 5 for Mac, Rhino 7 and Flamingo, but not Rhino5 (bought as upgrade from Rhino4).
I am trying to find an email address to show proof of purchase for the license for Rhino 5 for Windows to have it put on my account so I can use it.
Nothing found on the Rhino website.
When I load the software and enter my license key I get this:

How do I get my old Rhino 5 listed on my account?

Hi Hugo -
When I check with your eMail address that you use here, I also only see licenses for Flamingo and a Rhino 5 for Mac that was later upgraded to a Rhino 7 license.
I do see failed validations for an educational Rhino 5 in 2017 and 2019 so there are at least some traces.

Please contact directly to get this sorted as that will likely require more personal contact data from you.

Thank you for that. Will do.