No result on finding intersection


having a cylinder and a plane placed exatcly in tangency, if I look for intersection, rhino give me the right result (a line).

If I rotate the plane by an angle between 1° and 44° around the center of the cilinder, and then try to find the intersection between them, rhino give me 0 result.

It happens both with rhino 5 and 6.

How could we solve?



Just out of curiosity, does the same thing happen if you rotate the cylinder instead of the plane? How about if you rotate both together?


if I rotate the cilinder and not the plane (always by an angle between 1° and 44°) --> doesn’t work :x:

if I rotate both together --> works :white_check_mark:

With no file, I can’t explore some ideas I have related to object size and tolerance.
Can you post a sample model with this problem or describe this one fully enough to duplicate it please?

Hi John_Brock

try to find the intersection between the 2 geometry in the file attached
ZeroIntersect.3dm (47.4 KB)

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I was able to reproduce the issue in V5, V6 and V7.
Fiddling with tolerances and object type did not produce a work-around.

It’s on the pile:

Thanks for reporting it and providing the clear example.

you are welcome :slight_smile:


any news?

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Hi Nicola -

Our bug tracker is mostly public and you can thus always check for news.

This one is still open and is on the list of things to look at for Rhino 8.x.