No language found in Py3 component


My problem is related to the use of Python 3 in Grasshopper.

I have Python 3.12.1 installed on my system (installation confirmed through cmd.exe → “python --version”) and I am using Rhino 8 SR3 (8.3.24009.15001, 2024-01-09).

If I open Rhino and GH and try to add a script-component or even a Py3-component an error message occurs: 1. No script to execute. Choose a language from component menu.


It worked once, when I started Rhino with admin-permission (Rhino also changed its appearance from dark mode to standard, stadard toolbars, etc). The component worked fine then.

But now I get the error message again - even if I try to use admin-permissions again. Rhino does not change the appearance at all and also the components don’t work like they did once.

Do you have any idea how to fix this problem?
Thank you for your help.