No found intersection between two hyperbolic paraboloids in order to trim excess

HipPar.3dm (4.2 MB) (6.5 KB)
Hello all,

I used Grasshopper to create a hyperbolic paraboloid then baked the lofted surface. However when I rotate a copy along the central axis in order to trim what lies under their intersection (like a groin vault), it says the trim command went through however the surface still remains. When I run the intersection function as well, it returns that there aren’t any intersections between the two surfaces despite a clear intersection. Is it a tolerance issue? I’m a bit lost here at this point.

I have both the grasshopper and rhino file attached.


Hello - the surfaces are absolutely solid with control points along the edges - the distance between points is not much greater than file tolerance. - try running FitSrf on these, then intersect, but there may be a better way to make them in the first place - like inside four plain old lines - it looks like you only need the control points that are at the vertices.


Thanks Pascal,

I suppose I was overthinking how to make them a bit. Building the surface from the points without grasshopper worked just fine for the intersection and overall form.