Found 0 intersections?

I get 0 intersections when I try to run the Intersect command on these 2 surfaces:

201217 Intersect0.3dm (229.3 KB)

I ran into this as I couldn’t split or trim a polysurface and wanted to check what’s going on in the surfaces.

Any idea why this could be?

Hei Siemen -

When you run What on that object, you see

Edge Tolerances: 0.000 to 6.070

Somehow, the edge tolerances are rather messed up. Can you repeat the steps to get the object in this state?

To proceed, you can run RebuildEdges on the surface and the two objects will then intersect.

Hi @siemen

If you untrim your original green surface keeping the trim objects and use them to retrim it then the intersection works. So maybe it has something to do with the way the trimming was done.


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