Failure to find intersections/trim

Can anyone help me to figure out why this fails?


I’d like to create one watertight polysurface from these.

zerointersections.3dm (79.6 KB)

Your tolerance is low.

At the top, the two surfaces are pretty much tangent. Their normals are just 0.015° apart.

If you rebuild the curves, you can create a curve from two views but even this does not perfectly end in the corner.

That’s because the entire model is 10m long. But if it’s model absolute tolerance you are talking about, I set it to 0.001 just to see, and the intersect command still reported 0 results.

I even tried to trim from the side view using apparent intersections, but that also failed…


(Partial failure by using duplicated edges…)


Got that, thanks.

RH-58050 Surface intersection failure


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