No edge continuity options without rebuild

In this file I can’t figure out why I don’t have continuity options with sweep2 (unless I rebuild.) I don’t see any point weight issues or anything else that should prevent me from this. In fact, if I build the surface without continuity, Rhino can match it to the surrounding surfaces without issue.

no edge continuity options without rebuild 001.3dm (99.6 KB)

Hi Peter - I get Tangency available here, or one Curvature and one Position (the section curvers have four points)
Ah - not if I use the edge directly… I’d duped them to check what they were. Looks buggy…

RH-71997 Sweep2- no continuity offered to rails

@phcreates - how were those surfaces made - the ones providing the shape curves to the sweep, do you recall? The thing is, the edge curves report as ‘rational’ (which is what the continuity checker looks for - you don’t get continuity if the curves are rational, like arcs) but the weights are all 1, so it does not seem like it ought to be flagged as rational. DupEdge fixes that, which is why curves and not edges works…