Last sweep2 issue of the day...maybe

In this example, if I use the bottom edge of the curvy surface as my cross-section curve, I don’t get any continuity options (without rebuild.) But if I extract edge, and use that as my cross-section, I get all of the options. Bug?

continuity options missing.3dm (73.1 KB)

Probably because the surface is rational but the curve from DupEdge is non-rational.

Why would the duplicated edge be non-rational if the edge is rational? And, if I can make that surface tangent after I finish the sweep2 command, why can’t I do it while I run that command instead?

The weights on that edge are all exactly one so it can be represented exactly by a non-rational curve. Presumably DupEdge checks the weights and if all the weights for the edge are exactly one it creates a non-rational curve.

Presumably because of differences in the algorithms. Another difference is MatchSrf will add knots and control points as needed to allow the desired level of matching. Sweep2 does not add knots or control points.