Ngons display and export problem

I have tried the NgonulateMesh command on several meshes. The ngons are actually created (I see them in the object details and the ngons are selectable as single faces) however I can’t seem to properly visualize them, as it is shown in the help documentation: is there a different visualization setting? Or is it a problem? In the picture below all the meshes have been “ngonulated” but they look like they are not.

Another problem is that if I try to export the meshes with ngons in OBJ format, it seems that while the ngons are exported, sometimes there is no way to avoid exporting the"floating" vertices, which makes it very difficult to edit the mesh.

Is this still in development? Would it be helpful if I included a sample file?

Thanks in advance!


The Ngon display issue you found is an open one (RH-31271) in the WIP right now. I’m not familiar with the other issue of points being included in the obj… I’ll have to experiment with that, so please provide a file and info on what obj settings you used as well as the program you’re going to. Those both may be factors in what you’re seeing. Thanks.

Hi @BrianJ,
any news about the Ngon display issue?

The developers haven’t gotten to that one yet.

Edit. My last mesh was showing just the edges unwelded. So still no proper ngon display.