Error export planar triangulated mesh in obj file format

There seems a bug in exporting .obj format in Rhino 6.

For meshes generated from curved surface, everything works fine.
For meshes generated from a planar surface, the exported .obj file only contains one “f …” line.

Rhino 5 work fine for that.

Screenshot attached:

Rhino 5:

Rhino 6:

This creates issues for existing importers of obj in other geometry processing library.
(My report error when importing the one from Rhino 6.)

uncheck the “create ngons” checkbox and you should get what you did in V5.

If you don’t send in the V5 3dm model, the settings you’re using to export and the result you get from V5 and V6 and I’ll take a look.


Uncheck NGon works.