Closest point issue

Hello all

I have 2 curves, I try to get closest point, one site is done already but other site seems doesn’t want to do it, points are on the same site as first one was.

Closest point issue.3dm (30.4 KB)

Thanks in advance

Hi Dan,

I made a copy of the 2 curves and trimmed the sides you already have.
Next user CurveDeviation to find the close point on the right.

Does that make sense?

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Hello Willem

Thank you for give some idea
but as far as I remember, closest point should work on both sides, without making extra operations.

Many thanks

Hi Dan - if you are using the ‘Object’ option in ClosestPoint (?) it will find only one closest point - the one side is much closer than the other (.664, 2.017). SubCrv is a good way to get local closest points.(use it when selecting the ‘Object’)