Object library inside Rhino vs Archicad

Hey everyone.

It’s been some time since I’ve started thinking about items library like furniture, doors and etc. in Rhino.
Actually there is a thing called VisualARQ but the problem is I can’t afford to pay the price of 800 euros around. Is there any other ways to have any kind of item library inside Rhino?

I study an architecture and I find myself more comfortable in Rhino versus Archicad. But Archicad provides a lot of libraries that becomes handy while creating an architecture object and Rhino doesn’t or atleast I don’t know the way how to.

Looking for tips or any information how architects (and others) manage to work in platform of Rhino without creating an item (door; window and etc.) every single time.

If it is hard to understand my language feel free to ask for more precise explanation.

If you’re student, you can apply for Visualarq Student license for a pretty Low price
and also you can get the best use of Revit families (doors,Windows and components (Furniture) and use it inside rhino, rhino can use them inside rhino- I use this workflow to save my time

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Yeah, found it is much lower price for students.

Anyway, I’m not familiar with Revit families. You mean that I can download item libraries (furnitures and etc.) for Revit and instead using for Revit to use it for Rhino? Is there any need of converting file format to fit for Rhino?

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Yes, you can download Revit families and use Autodesk student version for free and You can get this families geometry inside rhino using Rhino.inside or Exporting them as DWG then import them inside rhino

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