Is it possible to accurately use boxedit command after rotating a box to non-ortho position?


I’ve been using boxedit to easily/repeatly modify program block sizes as long as they are aligned with the orthogonal grid in Rhino. I now need to position program blocks at non-orthogonal angles and experience that boxedit does not work the same way. It appears to create and reference a new, larger, “orthogonal” box around the now non-orthogonal box. (please see screenshots below of before and after)

Is there a way or an alternative to be able to continue managing the dimensions (length/width/height) of a box that has been rotated off the orthogonal grid? Your guidance is greatly appreciated.


Hi Dan to make that work (V6) you’d set a CPlane to the gumball (CPlane command) and then use that CPlane as the basis for the box edit.


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Set the CPlane to the object and click on the “Use current CPlane” option in BoxEdit. You may need to pull down on the bottom of the pop-up panel to see the options. I checked that this works in V6, not sure about V5.

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Thanks Pascal & David! It worked in V5 for me.