Newbie alert, what file types can I import to edit?

I’m working my way through tutorials but can’t find anything yet that tells me how to import something to manipulate.

I’ve found loads of free 3D models and tried to import a couple as obj files but I don’t see any objects in any of the views.

There are some options when you go to import and I’m not sure what I should be ticking there. Should I import as names, groups or layers? Also, should I map OBJ Y to Rhino Z? I’ve tried different combination and nothing seems to make a difference.

Is there a different type of file I should be looking for? I’m particularly after a cat model to squeeze into a box :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any clues, I am on a very very steep learning curve!

Hi Lisa - keep in mind that Rhino is a surface modeler and many many of the models ‘out there’ are meshes - most obj files are meshes. You can import those and in general they will be fine as meshes but these are not in Rhino’s most developed area - Rhino can do a fair bit of stuff with meshes but it is not primarily a mesh tool.

Sam Page has a good overview here:

(Generally in importing obj, you will probably want to may obj Y to Rhino Z. If your thing comes in sideways, make the other choice…)


Thank you, that is really helpful. I’ve read about NURBS and I can see that they work differently than the obj I’m trying to import.
I’d still like to import it to have a play around with though but I get nothing. Could I be doing something to stop it importing?
I understand what mapping to Z means now though, thank you!
I have a lot to learn!

Please post a file that you are having trouble with and the steps that you take to get it into Rhino.

I tried it at college, on computers that don’t struggle like mine and it imported fine, just very very tiny. That tip about mapping to Z made something click with me though and I’m starting (slowly!) to get the hang of the navigation. Thank you so much!

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