Easiest file format to deal with when importing 3d models

Just wondering what file types are the easiest to work with importing 3d models, such as furniture, etc?

I am always on the lookout for good 3d models but the format they come in varies. Obj files aren’t too bad but I to make them usable in Rhino for materials I have to explode them and then rejoin them and there are a million mesh lines.

Does anybody have a good workflow when dealing with models that are coming in different formats?


Hi Jeff - OBJ should be fine for mesh objects- sounds like maybe it is not the file format so much as dealing with meshes that is getting in the way. You can use SplitDisjointMesh rather than Explode, for example, maybe, to get what you want, as well as the fact that Join does not require mesh parts to be touching in order to be one mesh object.


Thank you so much Pascal!

Wasn’t aware of that command. Makes dealing with these models so much easier.