New Xirus update: Released!

Dear Rhino users,

We have released a new update (version of the free Xirus WIP: After signing in on our website, you can download Xirus for Rhino 5 (Windows). If you are already a Xirus user, the Xirus update tool should be automatically launched when reopening Xirus. Follow the instructions of the update tool.

The update of the Xirus WIP includes the following UX improvements:

  • Xirus automatic object highlighting upon selection
  • Object highlighting available in several display modes (wireframe, shaded, ghosted mode, etc.)
  • UX regarding the Face / Edge / Edge loop / Point selection is quicker, faster and more intuitive
  • Enhanced gumball integration for Face / Edge / Edge loop / Point selection: gumball rotation, displacement, and scaling intuitively modifies a Xirus object
  • Tangent selection with multiple symmetric handles: tangents, and tangent planes can be manipulated through multiple handles located at the respective end points
  • All augmented access to a Xirus object is now possible while object control points remain active. For example, tangents or curvatures can be manipulated together with the surface points simultaneously.

Check our new video on the Xirus Learning Channel: and subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date.

Xirus itself, the distribution mechanism, our website, and the corresponding user-support infrastructure are still in test-mode. We would appreciate your active feedback to improve the overall experience related to Xirus. For any comments, suggestions, and requests, please use our forum or send us an email to

We thank every user for testing our technology.

Best regards,
Mirrakoi Team

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