New wall parameters not visible

Hello all,

i am preparing a file for a client. Important is to mark the walls for deconstruction. (german Abbruch)
I made in style properties a new Boolean Parameter. At the very wall itself, this parameter is not shown in the doc menu, but only in the wall properties.

Is there a way to make it visible in the “General field”? Please see the attached image.


Hi Timo, you will find the custom parameters under the “Parameters” section, in the properties panel:

Hi Fran,

thanks for the info. I wonder if this was written somewhere in the Documentation :D.

Also, another question,
Is it possible to select all walls with this property as well, or lets say, or lets say, all of the walls will be marked yellow, depending the boolean yes/no? Maybe with grasshopper?

Thanks for the quick support!

Hi @user28,

You can make a python script to select walls that have some parameter values, using the VisualARQ Script API. If you don’t know how to write it, I can make a sample.


Hi Fran,

i do know a little GH Python. I would appreciate to accept your offer. Also then, I propably can understand the logic of it better, by looking up your code.

best Timo

Hi Timo,
Yes, you can find all documentation related to custom parameters in the VisualARQ Help (vaHelp) command (or VisualARQ menu > Help > View Help…)

You can read there that you can create custom parameters By Object, By Style or By Document.

From GH you can filter objects by the values of their parameters. Just take into account that in this case, the name you give to the custom parameter might be different than the string of the same parameter in GH, so it’s a good idea to figure out the proper string using the “Property Names” component:

wall filter

I attach the gh file as well.
wall (9.7 KB)