New Users. Getting started with 3d modeling for interior/product design

Hello to you all! I’ve just finished my studies in interior/product design and want to pursue a career in this, asap. After some research I decided to start learning Rhino for my 3d modeling projects. The problem is I dont know what tutorials to start with - I’m currently taking the Dave Schultze Essential training course. Can anyone recommend a suitable line of tuts?
Thank you lots in advance!

I guess that training course should take you well along the way - are do you feel that isn’t working for you?

After that, I would just start with a realistic project. Find something you are interested in working with and start modelling. When questions arise, look for answers and come here if or when that doesn’t work. :smile:

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Hey, that is great to hear that you’re using the lynda courses. I did those! Wim is absolutely right; the courses are best treated as a foundation or launch pad, so you always need to put in the practice time.

You should always have a project in mind or find one. There is no better way to apply your training except by doing your own work. In other words, you can’t become an expert by just watching others. (Nice quote, I like it!)

If you can’t think of something compelling to design & model, I highly recommend finding a competition. I have a website called Professor3D where I have posted lots of handy links, like competitions and free videos. Check it out.

I also had a new lynda course launch less than a week ago, focused on product design for a gaming console. Here’s the full list of seven lynda courses I have done for Rhino and V-Ray.

Feel free to contact me directly or post follow-up questions here.

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Started today and I’m half way through it. Its more than I expected, because it really feels like a 1on1 course. I find the topic flow well structured, concise and easy to follow, so I would recommend it to anyone starting with Rhino!
Lots of thanks!


That is great to hear… I always appreciate any feedback. :v: Peace and 3D.


I highly recommend Mcneel official tutorials you can find here.

For new users, the best starting point!