New to Rhino and dont know how to make a solid btw (2) surfaces


I am trying to create a solid Boat hull in Rhino (coming from SW and Fusion.)
I am happy with my intial surface, “Mirrored” it and then “OffSetSrf”.
How do I make it a Solid Body.

Excuse the ignorance I have tried several things and none have accomplished what I want.
“ExtrudeSrf” produces angled edges at the top.
“Slab” ?
In fusion I would use thicken…


Hi Nick -


If you Join the two surfaces and then OffsetSrf > Solid=Yes that should get you ‘thicken’ type results. Feel free to post a file with the surfaces.


Thanks so much… I knew it was something that easy.

You answered a question for me a bit ago and I have another one based on the same file/project…
Trying to loft these lines to but I can only get the straight option - tight, loose, ect. does not show up as an option? Im selecting the curves all at the top starting at the rear middle and ending at the front. Also getting some strange curvature at the front unless I connect the lines and that’s where the problems have started.
What am I doing wrong? The last file worked but I want to make alterations
2.3(3) FatBtmGurl(5).3dm (461.7 KB)
2.3(3) FatBtmGurl(4).3dm (615.4 KB)
2.3(3) FatBtmGurl(3).3dm (464.6 KB)
2.3(2 Thick).3dm (895.1 KB)

It is best to start a new thread when you have a new question.

Only the straight option is available in Loft when an end of two input curves coincide.

Loft is intended for creating a surface through a set of “section” curves, not a system of curves such as in your files. Rhinoceros Help - Loft | Rhino 3-D modeling (
Attached is a surface I obtained using some of your input curves.
2.3(3) FatBtmGurl DC01.3dm (3.2 MB)

Can not open as I am using Rhino 6. Ill read through the file sent and try on my own. Learning will occur. Surfaces why cant they all be extruded on a curve and filleted?

Do not assume your knowledge of Solidworks and Fusion translates directly to working in Rhino. To do so will inevitably lead to frustration because in may respects, large and small, Rhino is fundamentally different. Take time to go through the Rhino training material:

Appreciate this!

Rhino 6 version: 2.3(3) FatBtmGurl DC01 V6.3dm (3.2 MB)

Rhino has numerous commands for creating surfaces using input curves. An incomplete list:Rhinoceros Help
A major part of learning Rhino is learning when each command is applicable, and when several command will work which one is preferable to achieve the desired result.

Davis is there a way to see you history… tree?

I don’t know what you mean by “history tree”? Is this something in Solidworks or Fusion.

To create the surface:
Edit the curves to what is in the file.
Loft command using the edited curves as input with Style: Normal

Hi Nick, Rhino isn’t parametric so it doesn’t have a history tree. A lot of command’s do have a history enabled option. Kind of like what David said , two different animals.—-Mark