New to C++ development. Two beginner questions


I’m new to c++ development arriving with a c# background and I have a couple of very green starter questions.

  1. A question on configuring the visual studio environment.

I’ve installed VS2019 and downloaded the c++ development package from Rhino so it’s possible for me to launch visual studio using the c++ Rhino 7 SDK base file. However if I try to compile the file without editing I receive an error stating:

MFC libraries are required for this project. Install them from the Visual Studio installer (Individual Components tab) for any toolsets and architectures being used.

I took a quick look in the VS extensions manager for the library, but nothing jumped out at me. What’s wrong? How do I fix this?

  1. A question on creating a GUI interface.

I have experience creating WPF applications in c#. I would like to know what the recommendation is for creating a GUI interface using c++ and VS2019. Are there any examples for adding a UWP window or are there any recommendations. An XAML methodology would be.

Many sincere thanks in advance.

Hi @tree,

You don’t have all of the C++ libraries and tools needed to build Rhino C++ plug-ins. Re-run the Visual Studio Installer and make sure to pick MFC and ATL libraries.

As for UI in C++, there is MFC of course. It’s rather old when compared to platforms such as WPF. I’ve not tried UWP so I can’t say how easy this is, or if it works at all.

— Dale

I’d avoid C++ plugins unless absolutely necessary. As for performance-critical programs, I separate calculation backends (C++) with front ends (C#).

For WPF I think the latest recommended way is through C++/WinRT, is it?