C++ plugin use XAML

Hi Guys I really really really need ur help please

I want to develop a rhino plugin, but when I try to add Blank User Control(c++/WinRT) item from items it added succesfully but I cant do anything on XAML I got error and no libraries is working.

So what Im trying to say is can I develop UI of plugin with XAML and code to be C++.
Is there anyway possible to use xaml on c++ rhino plugin?

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Hi @ramadan,

Just curious, why WinRT? If want to use XAML, why not use C# and WPF?

Regarding WinRT, I’m not sure it’s possible (or wise) to mix this with MFC/Win32, which is what Rhino C++ plug-ins are.

– Dale

Wanted to use WinRT because of it’s easiness of use instead of MFC. I am a simple plugin and experimenting it with c++. Thanks for ur answer.