C++ first baby step in Rhino


Before I was using C# (in Visual Studio) and Python for Grasshopper components development.

Now I am slowly but learning C++ for curiosity.

Would it be possible to get a reference or the most simple example of C++ in Rhino?

I have started reading the guide on:

It says:
Necessary Tools
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 for Rhino 5 for Windows 64-bit. Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 for Rhino 5 for Windows 32-bit and Rhino 4 for Windows.

Visual C++ 2008, 2012, 2013, and the Express Editions of Visual C++ will not work.

Is it something that I can download from microsoft website?
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x64)

If yes I cannot install this version as it says that my computer contains a newer one.

For now I was just learning C++ in Visual Studio as Win32 Console Application.

Thank you in advance,

Hi Petras,

Well, kind of.

First, Visual C++ 2010 (and Visual C++ 2005) are not free. Most obtain them my purchasing a MSDN Professional Subscription, which gives you access (i.e. download) to all of Microsoft’s developer tools.

I should add that to write C++ plug-ins for Rhino 6, you can use the free Visual Studio Community Edition.

– Dale

“First, Visual C++ 2010 (and Visual C++ 2005) are not free.”

Looks like my curiosity is going down :))

The Visual Studio versions that allow you to create plug-ins using C# have always been free. Perhaps this is a good place to start?

– Dale

I should add that to write C++ plug-ins for Rhino 6, you can use the free Visual Studio Community Edition.

You even show here how to wrap C++ library to use it in C#. Nice.

Does it still requires purchasing Visual C++ 2010 (and Visual C++ 2005) ?
(As long as I do not know how to wrap it, as I only did it once from one tutorial… ech, I just would like to know in general about this process for using C++ in C#)

I would think you’d be able to use just about anything that can create a C++ DLL that exports “C” decorated functions.

Dear Dale,

I have started reading and testing your given reference about c++ wrapper for C# plugin in rhino. I have tested very simple square root example just to understand the workflow.

I would like to ask about decorated functions in SampleLibrary.cpp file.
There are 4 type of functions:

Could you tell me in which situation I should use these fucntions?
Is there a documentation for these functions?

Kind Regards,

Also I have a question about pointers.

For now I am trying to pass array from C++ class to C# plugin.

To I illustrate this in console application in C++ I am running class like this:

int main()
       //1. Declare the class with how many elements there are in graph
	MyGraph g1(5);

       //2. Add Edges to graph
	g1.addEdge(0, 1);
	g1.addEdge(0, 2);
	g1.addEdge(1, 2);
	g1.addEdge(1, 3);
	g1.addEdge(2, 3);
	g1.addEdge(3, 4);

        //3. Printing colors
       //Instead of printing as it was made to work with console application probably I have to define getter for an array of integers.**

	return 0;

I have started wrapping it like this:
//1 Step
MyGraph g1(int numOfVertices);

and I already have error for declaring the class, with function I did not have any issues.
How to declare a class properly?

In the end the question is more simple, could you show how to declare a c++ class in order to run with c#?

I think I’ve answered most of this is your other postings. Let me know if this isn’t the case…