New Text, Leaders and Dimensions


(Margaret Becker) #81

Yeah, that’s the problem. All explanations that are absolutely accurate are either counter-intuitive or too geeky.

(Alain Cormier) #82

another one: Draw forward -> Text orientation fixed to viewport

(Alain Cormier) #83

"Keep readable from any direction"
a bit long …

(John Brock) #84

Locked and Unlocked?


Always reads forward?


To a certain degree dimensions always read forward - even if the “Draw Forward” option is unchecked.

The two dimensions that are drawn in the world top cplane orientation will rotate when the view is rotated. This with “Draw Forward” unchecked - as visible from the two other dimensions.

Are there any situations where a user would want to have the dimension text shown backwards / unreadable? If not, let’s just get rid of the option and just have dimensions orient themselves - like they already partly do anyway…

Rotating text and pythonscript , layer handling latest update

Natural view


(Alain Cormier) #88

get rid of the option and just have dimensions orient themselves

that seems like a good idea to me


I’m trying to think of a circumstance where it would be a problem NOT to have the dimensions “draw forward”.


Is rotating text still not a possibility, or am I missing something?


(John Brock) #91

Like how Dot’s work?
Not currently, no.


The draw forward option applies to text as well as dimensions and…


Now I feel like I might be missing something else, as over here I can’t rotate dots either :slight_smile: To be clear, the behavior I was looking to emulate from v5 was just grabbing some text and running Rotate on it.

(John Brock) #94

Then change the annotation style property and turn off “Face Front” or “Mirror text” int he style definition.
Then it acts like V5


That doesn’t seem to be having any effect here. I’ll just wait until this gets sorted out more.

(Lowell Walmsley) #96

Apparently I’ve got this screwed up pretty bad. According to me, you can rotate text, but there must be something hard about it that I don’t understand.
If I make text in either model space or page space, I can rotate it with Rotate or with the gumball and it and get what I expect.
If DrawForward is on, it may flip to what I decide is right side up after the rotation.

Does this have something to do with the rotation up-down on the dialogs?
The idea of those is that if you want a few text objects at some angle other than horizontal, you can do that a little easier.
Should we just get rid of that feature?

(John Brock) #97

(Lowell Walmsley) #98

Dots always face the screen. You can rotate the location point, which amounts to moving the dot, but the text will still read flat to the screen.

Text will act like that if you set the “Dimension text placement:” value in the style to Horizontal.
That label isn’t too helpful trying to figure it out for text.
And the override control didn’t make it on to the text dialogs yet.
Maybe cleaning up those 2 things will help some,

But I suspect there’s still something I don’t understand about what’s not working for you.


It’s a Dimension Text Placement setting issue. My dim style was set to Horizontal to View, and when set this way, text will not rotate. So it looks like I now need to have an extra dim style just for text.

That is what I expected, I think I misinterpreted John’s “Like how Dot’s work?”


So if this is the way it is going to have to be, can we at least have any overrides that were applied to the text / etc. stick with the text when its dim style is changed?