New Text, Leaders and Dimensions


(Margaret Becker) #61

Hmmm. I don’t like it, it is confusing, and it is not consistent with the way other overridden settings work in Rhino. The Display Modes do not work this way at all. If you set a display mode setting back to the default either by using the Restore Defaults button or by manually setting them back, they change from blue to the default color.


Hi Lowell, I’m late to the party here, but one thing I’d like to see is when placing the dimension if it hasn’t already been mentioned; it would be great if the dimension text could also be free to ‘slide’ with the cursor the way the dimension line does so you could both place the dimension line, and position the text along the line (or off it with leader) in one shot.

Looking forward to playing with the new features.



Probably not worth the development work, it’s easy to tap the space bar during the edit and quickly becomes second nature, that is a nice instant, little edit box in V5 though, when wording needs to be changed over lots of strings during a drawing review.

(Lowell Walmsley) #64

Eric - Better late than never - So would that be one click still but the difference would be that the text would follow the cursor sideways?
Would that be a settable mode?
I guess everything is there to support it except the interface part.


Hi Lowell, Yes that’s what I was imagining. The tricky bit would be handling the leader when the text gets dragged outside the dim lines.

So much time spent repositioning texts after making dimensions!


(Brian Gillespie) #66

RH-37453 is fixed in the latest WIP
RH-37452 is fixed in the latest WIP

(Lowell Walmsley) #67

I can’t even get the leaders right the first time drawing them by hand


Another possibility is to allow the dimension to switch from horizontal to vertical to aligned based on the position of the cursor before left picking the location. :slight_smile:


(Margaret Becker) #69

What it does is allow the text to be read frontwards when viewed from behind.

Now we are discussing what these should be called. The common term for this is “Mirror”, but is “Draw forward” ON mirrored or is “Draw forward” OFF mirrored?

What do you think?


How about Text Flip?

(Margaret Becker) #71

Again… Which text do you consider flipped? Remember, this only applies when viewing the text from behind.

(John Brock) #72

Flipped or forward facing both miss the point.
It has to do with staying aligned with the CPlane normal direction or not.
The CPlane is the frame of reference.
I don’t know how you ungeekify that description.

A direction without a frame of reference is useless AND confusing


Right Reading?

(Lowell Walmsley) #74

That’s pretty much what we have for H or V, right?
Is there a way with that scheme to make a horizontal dimension with the text in the middle of the rectangle?
Do you use Aligned dimensions a lot?


Hi Lowell,

Yes it’s pretty much the same except with the aligned option

Right clicking while placing locks the dim to the current alignment. (see cursor in the gif)

We do use aligned quite often, but I wouldn’t call this option a super high priority time saver.



Hi Margaret, perhaps MirrorText beside the checkbox would be more intuitive, especially as the same feature nicely applies to text in 3D or 2D plane (for regular drafting).


Mask text is not always efficient when drawing in modelspace and just using layouts for title blocks. The masked text set to background, causes problem at print time.

What I usually do in V5 is snap a rectangle around the occasional text and trim out the background. What chance of allowing text objects to be used as a trim cutter.

(Steve Baer) #78

Yeah, I was thinking of something along a similar vein. Something like “Keep Readable”

Rotating text and pythonscript , layer handling latest update

I just installed Senegeti and am testing out our company template. Our text fields (linked to documentusertext) that are inside the titleblock block have an error when printed Vector, they move upward. The fields also will not display the value, but I don’t know if that is a field problem or a text in block problem.


I’m thinking of the issue like “direction” of U-V or normals. There’s no “right” or “wrong”, just “preferred”. I realize that in the case of text there is a much more universally accepted “right”, but I’m thinking that the solution to the problem of Rhino getting it wrong could be as simple as flipping a normal.

With some more consideration, I guess I’m thinking of it as a verb i.e.: command, rather than a noun i.e.: state name.

I also resurrected an old thread to make some related comments about last week’s WIP: