New Text, Leaders and Dimensions



Hi @lowell, I came across a couple of text issues:

In the text create dialog - text height not sticky (yet) and the previous text entry used disappears.
1/2 in the text field not working yet, text or dim.
Purge command removes text and dims not on current dimstyle, oops!
When in page layout with active detail open, text grips misbehave when enable scaling is Off - the trailing grip seems to spread apart with increase detail scale.

An additional issue arises with the layout situation described. I opened a V5 drawing which was at 1:75 scale and the ‘turned-off’ text grips seemed to be spread such that if you click in open space, you end up with the selection menu shown in the image. Also means navigating out of the detail in order to close it as the double-click ends up with the selection menu shown.
I can send you this file if you can’t repeat the behaviour.

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So you want text to rotate to any angle and stay there and dimension text to be always horizontal. Is that right?
Do we need one setting for text and one for dimensions?
Or maybe a current text dimstyle and a current dimension dimstyle?
What would work for you?

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Since text height is an override value, it’s not intended to stick.
The value in the style is the persistent value. If you want to change that, you can do it pretty easily by the

I guess we need to do a better job of explaining about the 1/2. Or maybe remove it.
It’s a shortcut for putting [[…]] around selected text, or removing it, to make the text stack.

I’ll check on that. Thanks.

It looks like only the display and not grips or bounding box (which affects picking) respond to turning of scaling in a detail. Your last item is a result of that same thing. I’ll fix that.

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There should be an override control for that. I agree.
But I’d rather not make overrides the main way to handle it if we can figure out something else


Ah, I get it, needs to written, then selected


what about using blocks for annotations on leaders? i’d love to see someway to do this without my hokey scripts. :wink:

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Yes, that’s something for the future.
Would be a nice addition


Yes. I have been holding off on answering, because the old way (being able to rotate text) was so ingrained that this came as a shock, so I wanted to give it a moment to stew. Having sat with it for a moment, I still think text should rotate and stick when a user rotates it. The only potential downside I see to going back to the V5 behavior is if the user want to re-orient an entire detail (say changing the north direction), the text at constant r=0 could be handy. Short of that, I personally don’t see any advantage to not being able to rotate text. But I also don’t use annotations in anything but layout space, so I might be missing something that someone who does annotation markup in model space might really enjoy.

Also from a user point of view, I think the reason it isn’t rotating currently is not very clear or intuitive, so it appears to be a bug. When you rotate a linear dimension, the extension and dimension lines rotate, and the text of the dimension stays aligned, and it is very clear what is happening. But when you rotate text, and then it just jumps back and the control points are the only hint that something happened, it feels much less clear as to what is going on.

Thanks (and sorry, changes in dims can cause me some agita :slight_smile: )

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I agree that you should be able to rotate text.
The only time it makes any sense to have a mode that always keeps text horizontal is in 3-d views for illustration where you want to rotate the view around and still read some notes or labels.

That’s a different thing from setting dimension text to horizontal in cplane or layout coordinates.
And I think you’re right that for text in layout space, the horizontal to screen mode is just confusing.

Thanks for the careful reply. It helps a lot


When Face Forward is checked, dimensions now (1-24-17 WIP) work perfectly when perspective view is rotated or view is switched. Personally I can’t see why I would ever switch Face Forward off.

There’s a minor problem when trying to get to the annotation styles from the main menu at the top via “Dimension>Annotation Styles”: it shows _DocumentPropertiesPage in the command line, then Page to Display …etc. It’s necessary to click “Annotation Styles” in the command line to get to the styles window.

The picture below shows what you’re forced to accept when trying to do a radial dimension with the text angle set to “aligned”. There doesn’t seem to be any adjustment available for where the text is located, especially whether it’s on the inside or the outside of the radius. Maybe it’s something I don’t understand, but it’s certainly not as intuitive and slick as when the text angle is “horizontal”. Perhaps it’s also worth mentioning that this was with a V5 model where the arc I was trying to dimension was made in V5 but I was dimensioning it in V6.

I was also thinking that it might be useful to have a separate setup in the default style for ordinate dimensions, at least for the text vertical alignment. They just plain don’t look very good with anything but “Middle”, yet I can certainly see that a user might want all his other kinds of dimensions to be “Above Line” or something else.

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I made a bug report about the old menu needing a change.

I’ll see what I can do about the radial dim placement. You can do what you want by picking a location between the arc and the center point, but you’d have to zoom in quite a bit to do that. Shouldn’t be too bad to fix.



I’ve been keeping a loose eye on this. what’s the state of play with radial dimensions? They seem to have digressed somewhat…

V5 with lovely leaders that can be easily snapped to a point to make a neat drawing:

V6 with some questionable uses, it’s a little too adhoc:

I was initially looking for an update to iron out the smart track bug in V5:

When trying to snap to an end point of an existing radial dimension with smart track it never quite lines up. It’s intermittent too as it’s different for different attempts with other dims.

Will there be an override for the leader rad and diam dims in V6?



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Sorry, I’m not following your comments very well at all.

Is there something specific I should look at?

Do you mean an override to change from measuring radius to measuring diameter?

Smart track like this?


Hi Andy. On occasions like that I don’t bother with trying to get two or more common radial dims to cohabit. Just place a single radial dim for one of them and add leaders for all the others. Hitting enter twice (without adding any text) when creating the leaders allows you to line up all the leader arrows.


Hi Lowell,

Here is the issue in V5:

It’s something that I’ve just lived with over time but it is a little annoying for my OCD :smiley:

V6 Dims with no leader from a new file:



Hi MattE,

That’s an option but in this instance there are several different radii and only two share a common radius. Usually with dims you tend to try to keep them ‘off the drawing’ - that is, off the important bits and a leader would cut across some other dims and important info.

I just copied and pasted the radial dimension for the sake of this drawing.


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Hi Andy -
It looks like there may be 2 things you don’t like - text aligned on radial dims and not being to align them with smarttrack.

Whether the text is aligned or horizontal is a setting on dimstyles. There’s been some discussion here about if we need to separate out controls more or rearrange something, but for now at least, the setting is in Leader text alignment.

Maybe if you make that setting the rest will fall into place. It seems to me that smarttrack works pretty well for the alignment part -

Is there something else there that I’m not getting?


Ah ha. Thanks, Lowell. I didn’t realise I could adjust that.

I don’t have to do many complicated dims for my work so it’s not normally a problem, but sometimes I have to add a few more and I always wondered why it wouldn’t snap to the end point clearly.

It works fine in V6 now, but in V5 as you can see by the first screen cast, the alignment of snap for end points of leaders etc is out quite a way.

Did you see the issue in V5? (not that it matters now I guess as it works fine in V6)



(Lowell Walmsley) #119

I’m glad it works now. And you’re right that we won’t be fixing that kind of thing in V5 now.


well looks nice to work with, but when opening a rhino 5 with leaders etc it goes wrong , leaders are turned the wrong way and mirrord