New Rhino plug-in: Minute! Powered By C3CAM

Division Engineering has released Minute! Powered By C3CAM, a new surface CAM plug-in for Rhino.


  • High precision 3-axis milling
    Application:Tool=R0.2 Ball, Pitch=0.01, “Same distance on surface profile path”
    Work size : 250mm x 200mm

  • Super high precision synchronized 6-axis hale biting
    Application: Free curved surface and grooves
    Work size: 300mm, fresnel lens molding

  • Synchronized 5-axis grinding
    Application: Oddly shaped punch
    Tool=Full R grinding wheel

  • Supports full analysis, visualization, and optimization for NURBS Surface and NURBS curves


  • Please refer to Resources. Supported CAD format, requirement environment and various documents are in it.
  • Please contact us about prices and dealers.
  • We also offer short term use. Minute! On Demand.

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Posted Mar 17, 2017 by Luna Matsuo on Rhino News, etc.