New PC workstation for rhino 7. Is this machine overkill for 7K. OR NOT


By titan Computers

Item Name: Titan W161 - Intel Core i9 11th Gen Rocket Lake CAD Modeling Workstation PC up to 10 cores
Item Price: $7,780.00
* Case:Black Sandblasted Aluminum + Steel Chassis w/ Tempered Glass Mid Tower Case
  • Case Fans:Noctua Redux - Low Noise High Perfomance Fans - Rear, Front & Top
  • CPU / Processor:Intel Core i9-10900K Comet Lake 3.7 GHz (5.3GHz Turbo Boost) 125W 20MB L3 (10 Cores / 20 Threads)
  • CPU Cooling:240mm AIO Liquid CPU Liquid Cooler - Closed Loop
  • CPU Thermal Compound:Antec Nano Diamond Thermal Compound Formula 7 w/ Diamond particles
  • Motherboard:ASRock Z590 PRO4 LGA 1200 Intel Z590 SATA 6Gb/s ATX Intel Motherboard
  • Memory:128GB (4 x 32GB) 288-Pin DDR4 3000 (PC4 24000) Desktop Memory
  • Power:1000W - 80 PLUS GOLD Certified Full Modular Power Supply
  • Operating System:Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit - Includes Original Media + Free USB Recovery Drive
  • Video Card:NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 24GB GDDR6 Workstation Video Card
  • Video Card 2:none
  • Video Capture:none
  • Sound Card:Onboard HD Sound Card
  • Monitor 1:None
  • Monitor 2:None|

Hi @sjoscherwitz,

What industry do you work in? What is you intend to do with Rhino? What other products to you intend to use on this system?

– Dale

I am an Artist

This system only for 3d cad modeling and fast rendering.

I build a cad 3d model in rhino 7 fast
Twisting and bending my model
I want no or little lag time in these twist and bend transformations
I keep shaping my model as fast as I can

I move the model around and render it from different views
and then save the renders
I want the process to go fast because it is the spontaneity of my movements that counts

Does that help?



Hi @sjoscherwitz,

Thanks for the background.

Just curious, what rendering tool will you be using.

Regarding the system specs: this is a pretty nice configuration and it should be an enjoyable system to work on.

Have fun!

– Dale

Rhino Render

Or please make any suggestions here.

Rhino Legacy?

I do not know what the best rendering engine is for my process I am describing here?

Thanks, Dale



Hi @sjoscherwitz,

The Rhino Render (e.g. Cycles) in Rhino 7 will take advantage of all those CUDA cores in the Quadro RTX. I cannot speak for the other renderers you mention.

– Dale

Thanks, Dale


Don’t know the spec’s details but I guess I can buy a similar spec for $2k less

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I doubt that is possible. I don’t really know what the cost of the RTX A6000 is, but an RTX 3090 (consumer variant) is ~1500 USD. It stands to reason the pro version is quite a bit more expensive.

@sjoscherwitz I am running an RTX A6000, it works really well with Raytraced and Rhino Render - when you get this stick to CUDA rendering for now, better OptiX performance will be there when I get to upgrading our render engine code to the latest.

Great thanks

6000 is abt $3400 in my market. The others won’t cost that much here. CPU and memory cost about $1k.

insanely overpowered just for 3d.
over-nice config

Give it a few years - it won’t be…

That means can I buy a tower where I can pop a new graphic card in
In 3 years??

The CPU is becoming antiquated, which I cannot replace without replacing the whole computer.

Am I thinking correctly about this??

Much thanks to everybody for helping

What are you upgrading from? If you’re spending this much money and are asking the questions you’re asking…just don’t. Don’t spend that much money without actually understanding what you’re getting and what you’re using it for, 'cause I guarantee you’re going to be disappointed, unless your objective here is just to show off. You don’t even know what you want to render with between Rhino Legacy and Maxwell or Vray??? How 'bout figure that out first, actually learn how to use it, then get the right kind of monster machine for it.

All the CPU and CUDA cores money can buy is nice, but there will still be times it’s chugging along barely perceptively better than something from 5 or 6 years ago because some task comes down to single-thread performance, the advantage only that Youtube won’t also slow down while you’re waiting and it’ll be quieter.

that’s what it’s supposed to cost.
In reality you have to double that (and more) at least where I live.

ok thanks
that helps
sounds like you are wise and correct

I certainly do know what I am modeling
But I can always learn a lot more about exactly about the information I am modeling related to the engines that are modeling it

Much thanks

ok thanks
that helps
sounds like you are wise and correct

I certainly do know what I am modeling
But I can always learn a lot more about exactly about the information I am modeling related to the engines that are modeling it

Certainly not to show off – trying to understand –


- My transformations of stretching and bending, twisting, etc. of solids happen fast – no lag time.

-Ray tracing takes forever on my mac pro with Pro Vega 54
Can’t have that – so I have learned I have the wrong machine for rhino 7-- that’s why I want another system

-So what card ?? if the RTX 6000 is overkill –

-Would like to spend about 4,500 to 5K

– Amount of Cuda cores is what’s important for the rendering of these models ??

So I guess still reflecting that I do not know a lot of what’s going on ?? Maybe so ??

Much thanks
Appreciate your help

Yeah that’s exactly what I was talking about where all the cores in the world WON’T help. “Content creation” of any sort has very limited cases where you can parallelize anything. I mean a new machine will be faster, but advancement has slowed.

So no matter what I buy
Same old S

Kyle and John tell me the larger amount of cuda cores when rendering in rhino will utilize rhino 7 very well.
Much faster render time in ray tracing.

But what you at telling me Is that the bending, twisting, and stretching when over lapping solids, toruses, parabolas will still be slow while the model is still in the yellow transformation mode?

So will any specific power remedy that?

Much thanks for your help