New PC workstation for rhino 7. Is this machine overkill for 7K. OR NOT

Yes that’s what they’re for, if you’re using a CUDA renderer.

Well I don’t really know what you’re doing as the ‘live preview’ of a lot of those operations usually is pretty fast, but God’s own PC you have spec’d there will be faster, a lot faster, it might even be twice as fast or more! But that’s not enough to go from “seconds” to “instant.” UNLESS, the bottleneck is actually in the OpenGL display, and Rhino 7 can better exploit a high-end video card to toss around extremely dense models quite possibly orders-of-magnitude faster.

And Rhino Render and Raytraced in Rhino 7 is a CUDA-capable renderer. So the CUDA cores will definitely help with rendering.

Vray is the way to go. You can learn it on

I use V-Ray GPU rendering all days and I’m very happy with RTX3090. It’s faster than the RTX6000 and much cheaper. I don’t expect that Rhino profit so much by a RTX6000.