New pc for arch viz

Hi everyone,

I would appreciate if I could get some advice or hints concerning building new PC with Rhino/Vray combo for arch visualisations… Because of the deadlines I have to build new pc rather quickly. I’m supposed to do whole bunch of renderings of interiors with lots of furniture, details etc… in relatively short time so new pc should be fairly strong. Right now I tend to have problems with files that have lots of furniture models, so I suppose I woud definitely need gpu with more ram (The configuration I use at the moment is I7 4770, 32gb of ram and AMD radeon hd8570 with 2gb) Last time I did configuration like this was 4-5 years ago so I’m little bit overwhelmed with all new series of cpus, gpus etc, so if someone has some suggestions I would really appreciate it. The configuration I’ve made now is basicaly something like this:
-i7-6800K (Six Core, 3.4 GHz, 15 MB, LGA 2011-V3) (or i7-7820X (Octa Core, 3.6 GHz, 11 MB, LGA2066octa-core-36-ghz-11-mb-lga2066-box/122345))
-SSD Samsung 850 Pro Series Basic 2.5" 256 GB
-Seagate Barracuda Guardian 3,5" 2 TB HD
-750W Corsair Builder Series CX750M
-nVidia Inno3D GeForce GTX1060 6GB
-Asus TUF Z270 MARK 2 mobo
-Kingston 16 GB DDR4 2400MHz Value RAM x 2 (or4 maybe better?)
Thanks in advance!!

CPU: You could go for gaming CPU i7 8700K which is cheaper and stronger, but uses socket 1151 for home computers. Otherwise it would be better to aim for the LGA2066 one, which can later be upgraded for intel i9 which are amazing.

GFX: Rather go for GeForce 1070 and up. You might even consider GPU rendering later on. I use 960 and it’s really not enough.

RAM: Better buy 32 GB in single stick so you don’t feel limited later by number of physical slots. I have 16 GB and often run out of memory rendering larger urban scenes.


thanks! will check those components, I could go maybe with something like i7-7800X and geforce 1070 is almost twice expensive compared to 1060 here, but with 1070 you think I would be able to use gpu rendering more efficiently? for now i found 32 gb to be fairly enough but probably ine 2-3 years from now, 64 will be the way to go. thanks

Look at the core config column. You’ll see that the 1060 has either 1152 or 1280 compute cores, the 1070 has 1920. That is quite a bit more computing power for GPU-based rendering. For instance the Raytraced mode in Rhino 6 will take advantage of that. More compute cores is better. And it is good to ensure your GPU has lots of on-board RAM as well.

The 1080ti is pretty much the best bang for the buck, certainly compared to anything that’s more expensive, even despite the nonsense that’s happened to GPU prices that means they cost about 50% more than when I got my first one back in September. I’ve got 4, how easy it is to speed up GPU rendering is addicting!

Looks great, but yeah, it’s little bit out of my budget (when I put all the other components), here(in Croatia) 1080ti is around 900 eur…