New Path combine paths from two lists

Please help me solve the following problem:
There are two lists. The first list consists, for example, of 4 paths, on which there are different numbers of elements. The second list consists of 3 paths, with one unique element on each path. I need to assemble the tree so that the paths from the second list are the main branches, and the paths from the first list are branches on the main branches. In short, I need to make 3 lists from the first list (1 branch) (3 branches, duplicated 2 times), and in the second list duplicate each element 3 times. For clarity, attached a picture and gh-file. (5.7 KB)


If you always have three values, Entwine and Repeat Data can do the job.
If that manipulation needs to adapt the the result of Create Set, I think C# si probably the best way to avoid dozens of components. (20.9 KB)

You’re right I need to adapt the results of “Create set”. The solution is interesting and short, but I prefer to do it through Grasshopper components. This way I think I will understand better how components work and I don’t know C# and this solution won’t give me anything but a working script. If it is possible could you please show me the solution with Grasshopper components?

I was able to make a new List-2, through “Cross Reference”, but I cannot do the same for the new List-1.

I’m pretty sure this has been done with components on a similar case a few weeks ago, let me search that.

Never mind, it was an easier problem.

This should do it : (19.1 KB)


Yoooo, I thought about this solution too, but I didn’t understand how to duplicate my List-1 so that the duplicates would be with new paths. I didn’t know at all that “Tree Branch” has another parameter - “Renumber”. Thanks.
Just one property in a component and the solution is found :slight_smile: