New Nurbs Curve

I am trying to define a new NurbsCurve using point positions, weights and knots.
If I am using weight equal to 1.0 - result is fine, but if lower value - it seems that every coordinate of the control point is divided by it’s weight.

So if I define a point like the following (2-nd point):
prfcrv.Points.SetPoint(1, 0, 5.0, 0, 0.707107)

my control point get the following coordinates:
X=0 Y=3.5355 (2.5/0.707107) Z=0

I would expect that coordinates are given directly.

Is that correct?


Hi @Dmitriy,

The version of NurbsCurvePointList.SetPoint you are calling assumes the input parameters define a homogeneous control point. If you want to set a point using a Euclidean point and weight, then call the version of NurbsCurvePointList.SetPoint which takes a Point3d and a double as input.

– Dale

Thanks @Dale,
Works perfectly!