Rhino 6 Nurbs curve control points

Hi All,
In Rhino 5 I had a piece of C# code that would generate a specific nurbs curve. When I run the exact same code in Rhino 6 I get drastically different results. It seems the location points change when executed in Rhino 6. Can someone help me identify if this a bug in Rhino 6? I’ve attached the GH file with the C# code as well as a diagram to help explain the situation.

Nurbs_Curve_Issue_01.gh (10.4 KB)

Hi @charlie_portell,

The the online help for NurbsCurvePointList.SetPoint.

If your input points are Euclidean, then instead of this:

nc.Points.SetPoint(i, pts[i].X, pts[i].Y, pts[i].Z, weights[i]);

You should be doing this:

nc.Points.SetPoint(i, pts[i], weights[i]);

Note, this is a change from V5, where there was some confusion in the way it handled weights and Euclidean points.

Let me know if you have any questions.

– Dale

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Hi @dale,
Your suggestion worked well. Thanks for pointing this out.