Anyone else think that Food4Rhino needs a revamp?

Or at least just a little work.

I had a few spare minutes and was going to upload a model this morning. But… It’s not really clear how to do that on Food4Rhino. There’s also no dedicated category for 3D models. Given the lack of content freely available for Rhino, especially compared to other programs, I don’t think this is a good thing. I’ll survive but still…

I suspect that barely anyone is using Food4Rhino. There’s tons of great apps but many have barely any reviews. I think that some of the creators would do well to try and promote them a little better if they are still actively developing them. Maybe I should have saved this paragraph for a different topic but I feel it’s kind of a shame to just leave stuff by the wayside.

Maybe with R8 coming out there just isn’t enough resources to put towards improving F4R. But it’s something worth considering in the future.

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Hi Keith,

Thanks for your feedback!
We are currently working on a completely new version of food4Rhino website with a new infrastructure and a new interface.
But you can already add 3D models on food4Rhino:

Log in with your Rhino Account
Click on your username
Click on Add Resource (in this version Rhino plugins and Grasshopper add-ons are grouped under Apps and all the other content is registered under Resources, this separation won’t exist in the next version)
In Type, choose 3D Model libraries
Fill the form and add your 3D model in the File section.

Once your content is submitted, we will review and publish it within 1 or 2 working days.


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Thanks Cecile! It seems I wasn’t logged in with my “Rhino” account.