Worksession doesn't play well with IncrementalSave

Just create a worksession with 2 files. Run IncrementalSave on one of the files. The “old” file is still in the file list as a kind of ghost file. This gets a rel mess after some time (incremental saves)

thanks, Tobias

Hi Tobias- I am being stupid about this one- please tell me where I am not doing what you are…

I open a file and use Worksession to attach a file. (Is this what you mean by a worksession with 2 files?)

I have the inactive file open in a second Rhino and IncrementalSave. This works, and the files (one active, one attached) in my original instance of Rhino are still OK, they know nothing about the incremental save, which is what I expect…


Hi Pascal,
I tied and I cannot repeat it either. Maybe it has been fixed with the latest SR.

thanx anyway,