Grasshopper create surface from non planar curves (patch)

I want to surface a non-planar curve by projecting a planar curve onto a ragged surface.

Using the patch command on the projected curve gives strange results.

I don’t know how to solve this problem.

The projected curves are divided into two types. The first is the curves that can be made into surfaces, and these are marked with red groups.
The second is to create a surface with two curves each. This is marked with a purple group.

grasshopper create surface from non planar curves.3dm (10.7 MB)
grasshopper create surface from non planar (26.2 KB)

If there is a way to solve this problem without using the patch command, please let me know.


it’s not obvious, but most non-planar curve-outlines are lacking information a surface representation would require. Commands like patch might work occasionally, but the results are almost always bad. It’s the other way around, you should model surfaces first. Create a surface and cut(=trim) it with a curve outline.

I found a solution, it takes a few minutes to run. You might want to lock the solver before opening it blindly.
Before that, you had some overlapping and self-intersecting curves. I cleaned them in Rhino.

I don’t think I get all surfaces you want, but that’s a start.
I baked them in Rhino just in case. (19.9 KB)

(zipped overwise >20Mo)
grasshopper create surface from non planar (13.4 MB)

It’s good even if it’s just this much.
I’m learning how to make non-planar surfaces.