Nesting software for Rhino


Is there any nesting software available for Rhino 7 for Mac? I’ve been looking and found something called RhinoNest, but it looks like it has been abandoned by developer. I’m looking for something that will help me nest parts for a laser cutting machine.

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There is opennest (gh plugin) on food4rhino and you can also check out

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, it seems that for now OpenNest is available only for Widows.

Are you sure? Did you try to download and install? The page mentions its compatible with Mac. In fact many of the plugins on food4rhino that don’t mention mac compatibility are often compatible with Mac.

DeepNest should do the trick and also has a beautiful UI :slight_smile:

This might be a little late but I saw this post today. If you are still searching for a solution!

It works for me and tested on my students macs: