RhinoNEST no longer being developed, oh noes, what do i do now?

a lot of our process is built around RhinoNEST. if i can’t find a nesting solution we are going to have to go back to JetCAM 1996. what takes me an hour with RhinoNEST would take me all day to do in JetCAM.

this is a cry for help! what other RELIABLE options are out there? i am scared.


Oh, and RhinoCAM also has a nesting module…


DeepNest Not inside rhino but free and opensource

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i wonder if it’s a standalone nester?

Yes standalone, I have done a very fast test and seems to work fine

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now you’ve got me interested. if i can get just the nestor, i’ll be gold. i’m going to message them and ask. thank you

If you are asking about OpenNest, that only runs in Rhino or GH, the nesting function of RhinoCAM is only available inside a (paid) CAM module.

I would expect that the stand-alone, non-plugin version of RhinoCAM; VisualMill, would have a nesting tool as well.
Mecsoft is the company that writes both.

Yep. I simply meant that you can’t buy the nesting module separately from the CAM.

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jus =t got off the phone, it does sound that you are right. awaiting email to verify. thnk you.

Indeed OpenNest is a nice tool ! It does the job… plus the developer takes the time to answer within 24h in case a development request is made or a bug is found. I speak from experience, he recompiled the plugin and released a new version on F4R as fast as he could.

Currently under development for MAC version as well.

Free and open source.