Best Mac Nesting App

I’m curious what Mac users prefer for nesting/optimizing shape outlines from Rhino for CNC cutting?

check out openNest!

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Thanks Rudi. I hope it is available for Mac users soon. has a Mac version, although I can’t offer any feedback as to how well it works.


Does OpenNest not work on your Mac? I have it installed on mine…

Last time I checked, it installed perfectly fine but you couldn’t run the plugin since some of the dll libraries won’t work on Mac. I think @Petras_Vestartas was looking into compiling those libraries to Mac some time ago but the last version still does not support Mac.

@Seaweed It depends on the type of shapes you want to nest / pack but PackRat is very good/fast for quasi-rectangular shapes.

Are there installation instructions or guide for Mac Rhino and Grasshopper?

With Grasshopper open go to File > Special Folders > Components Folder. A folder will be opened where you can put the relevant add-on files (gha, dll, etc.). To install user objects instead go to File > Special Folders > User Objects Folder. Restart Rhino and you should be good to go!

Both folders are located in /Users/<username>/Library/Application\ Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/6.0/Plug-ins/Grasshopper\ \(XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX\) on your mac.