Nesting curves with surfaces


I am trying to make a scale model of a building. I made a model in 1:1 scale with accurate material thickness. The next step is to send it to a CNC to be cut.

I made this script to reference the largest face of each part and nest it on a sheet of desired size. (Big thanks to petras_vestartas for making OpenNest)

Now, the problem that I’m having is when I want to etch something on the part (I.e. part number or texture).
How can I move the curves that I want etched to the correct position on the nested part?

I managed to do it for one instance of part and curves pair. But i have no idea how to automatically pair them up on a large scale.

Thank you for reading.

Nest (713.7 KB)

@Petras_Vestartas related to your plugin OpenNest.

You just need to have a datatree of curve where each branch represents an object, and then graft the transform list.

For instance if you would like to add index at each element you would need to add compound matrix transform:

Nest (749.4 KB)

Just be sure about plane orientation,

As it is better to evaluate closed brep, since all the normals points outwards then you get a good result without flip:

Nest (751.9 KB)

I’m sorry, my experience in Grasshopper is very limited. I’ll do my best to study your example.
As far as I can understand, your script adds part numbers based on the number in the list. But is there a way to add curves that are on the surface that is being nested? Or rather, how can i match up nested surfaces and corresponding curves?

And of course thank you very much for taking the time to help me.

Can you upload the file with the curves?