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Rhino is a great exchange platform, present almost everywhere in naval architecture or marine engineering fields. It’s a wide open ecosystem allowing the developer community to add their own functionalities. Based on this observation, Nemo’s idea is to create Grasshopper tools applied to ship design, with the addition of several modules. The purpose is to do direct internal computations using Rhino API functions for the common needs of the naval architect and to create bridges between external specialized software by optimizing interoperability and data exchanges.

The main features developed are hydrostatics computation, meshing export to flow simulations, transverse section export to MARS2000, resistance prediction using HOLTROP and SAVITSKY methods, or data export to NAVCAD. Additional tools are provided for lines plan drawing, or NACA section generation. And more will come.

All this work started in the frame of an academic research project and has led to the release of the Nemo plugin for Grasshopper.

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After almost one year of hard work since the first release of Nemo plugin, the updated 1.1 Beta version is finally available on Food4Rhino ! Nemo has now two main sections, Analysis and Designer tools.

After more than a year of evolution, the new updated 1.2 version is now available on Food4Rhino ! Nemo is now available on Windows or Mac, and for purchase with Commercial or Educational Licenses.

After one year in the jar, the new updated 1.3 version is now available on Food4Rhino !
Nemo licenses are now available on floating USB flash drives.

What is a “USB floating license”?

What is the cost of Nemo?

i assume a dongle?!

Nemo licenses can be locked either machine-tied, or floating using a simple USB flash drive.
All licensing information are available on Nemo’s website :

Let’s celebrate the new year, the updated 1.4 version is now available on Food4Rhino !
New Hull Linesplan drawings, Aero Resistance and ITTC Prediction methods.

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