Needing a uni-lingual command line

Hello everyone …

is there any Rhino developers here ?

we - right to left languages users - are really suffering from an issue that needs to be solved

I personally depend heavily on shortcuts … and I use Rhino simultaneously with the communication apps ( chats and social media) that I use Arabic in … when I get back to Rhino I need every time to press Alt+Shift to get back to English … and since I swap alot backth and forth between communication and modeling I don’t always remember to change the language … so I find myself writing commands and shortcuts in Rhino in Arabic for no use !!!

to mitigate the irritation I started to write two aliases for each command : one in Arabic and one in English … so I need to make two shortcuts for each command and that’s a hell of a work if you have over hundreds commands and aliases !!!

can anyone find a way to make the command line uni-lingual ???

this would solve the problem permanently … and thank you so much in advance

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Understandable, but your title is not very helpful for anyone to notice. Especially if someone is looking for the same thing or searching for it to solve. I’d suggest renaming it to the actual problem. Maybe something like “needing a uni-lingual command line”


How about forcing Windows to always use your preferred language per application?
I have not tried this, but quick google seach shows a bunch of options to configure Windows 10 to remember language per-app and not globally. This way you can always have Rhino as English even if you type in Arabic outside. Not sure if that would mess up anything else in your workflow, but maybe better than waiting for Rhino to have this implemented:

Different keyboard layout for each window in Windows 10. Remember input language for each program (

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I will

I will try it thank you