Need your help for karamba

Hi, i have recently found a documentation from the university of cincinnaty that is very interesting.
“Physics Simulation and Form Seeking in Architecture Design Education byMing Tang and Mara Marcu”

In this paper there is a way to create the facade of the builsing combing the sun shade and the structure analysis. I have a specific question about the second parte with usage of Karamba.

picture: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

As you can see from the pictures in the photo 1 and 2 there are some wires that i belive are generated in Karamba that later are used as a sort of attractor points for the opening of the facade.
My question is about these wires, how they were made and how I can achive this result?

Hi, Karamba3D allows you to calculate the structure, but you need to use grasshopper or other tools to actually generate the structure. You could contact the authors of the paper to ask them for further information.