Need to run project in R7 rather than R8 but get error about SDK versions

I have installed v8 but still have v7 on my PC. Because I need to work with an older project that breaks in v8, I open Rhino v7 and launch GH and I get this error message about having the wrong SDK:

How can I deal with this in a way that lets be run v7 so I can work with my enormous project?


Hi Joshua -

Are you opening a Grasshopper file or merely launching Grasshopper?

I uninstalled Rhino 7 & 8 completely and then reinstalled only 7. I no longer get the error message. I don’t know if its possible to have 7 and 8 on the same machine, but I can’t risk that until I make sure that my project will continue to function in 8, which seems to have broken many components.