GH load errors on spanking new Rhino V8 install

So what’s the deal here ?
GH_Load_Ex.txt (3.6 KB)

Also, V8 uses the V7 button in my taskbar.
Yes I still have V7 installed.

You guys had litterally YEARS to iron out this stuff !

Those error messages appear to be coming from 3rd party plugins (at least they do not look like typical native components). Not all plugins will be automatically compatible with Rhino 8 given that there was a large structural change to our code base when we migrated from .NET 4.8 (in Rhino 7) to .NET 7 (in Rhino 8). My hunch is that Grasshopper is trying to load a plugin that doesn’t seem compatible yet. We have been reaching out to various 3rd party plugin developers to notify them about these changes and to help (where we can) for them to upgrade those plugins so they will be compatible. Obviously, this can take some time.

One option you could try (temporarily until the developers update their plugin) is you could try to load Rhino 8 using the older .NET 4.8 framework. To do this, type SetDotNetRuntime into the Rhino command prompt. Then from the options select NETFramework. You will then need to restart Rhino and Grasshopper to see if the plugins then load using that framework.


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I got rid of shapeDiver which also creates issues, having the same id’s as another plugin (I don’t know how that’s possible, and it’s certainly very dumb), but I can’t figure out what the other plugin(s) is (are).
Maybe writing the name of the plugin in the error message would be a user-friendly move.
As per the .NET thing, I guess it’s a matter of contacting all my plugin devs and finding out if and when my workflow will be back online if I switch to V8.
Yay !