Need to reduce file size

I have a file that is a scan .stp, 160mb, I need a use the transform tools. How can I reduce the size or polysurfaces. I don’t need all the details in the scan?


Hi Eddy- stp, or stl? If it is a mesh, stl is more likely- ReduceMesh should help.


its stp.

6999 polysurfaces

Do the polysurfaces consist of lots of smallish triangles? If not, and they consist of larger surfaces that are trimmed with holes and protrusions that you don’t need, you could try DeleteHole to get rid of some details.

The other alternative is to mesh and then do as Pascal says, run ReduceMesh on it. Of course, depending on your downstream needs, that might not be a viable way to go.

If there are 7000 objects in the scene, do you need all of them?
You can also set the display mesh very coarse and use a display mode that switches to drawing bounding boxes when navigating.

These are polysurface, I used fitsur to reduce the surfaces, and it made it a little easier to handle. And there are no triangle mesh, just looks like it.
I created a mesh and then reduce it, that is working for what I wanted do.

try use…7zip