Reduce File and Increase Efficiency


I have a rather big file because of alot of small surfaces booleaned together. Would meshing and reducing the polygon count be the best way to reduce file size alot? I was hoping it’d Make2D faster.

the file size will not affect the make2D behavior, if the model is complex, the make2D will take long.

meshing objects will only improve the workflow or panning views but you will loose smoothness and osnaps using Make2D. for example a meshed cylinder will be a bunch of polylines instead of elipses and straight lines.

Here is the file

Hi - that link only points to “my drive”, which, in my case, is, well…, not your drive.
At any rate, if there are many planar surfaces that have been booleaned together, you might want to try to run MergeAllFaces on the polysrf.

Could I email you the file? For some reason it didn’t attach when I tried to upload it to the forum

Hello - please upload to and some one will take a look. Please include a link to this topic in your note…