Need to create lines every 5 degrees in Azimuth and Elevation

Hi guys I am new to grasshopper and after some advice. I would like to be able to create lines coming from a known point let’s say 0,0,0 in the centre of a dome. I would like to specify the spacing of the lines but it’s probable going to be every 5 degrees in the Azimuth and Elevation. I would also like to be able to specify the radius of the dome. I would then like to intersect the lines with the sphere to produce points on the sphere itself. So, I will be left with a point cloud effectively on the dome surface every 5 degrees. It would be even better if I could specify the angle of the dome to so I can switch between a partial dome and a full dome.

I am sure its easily achievable but my knowledge is zero currently with Grasshopper so any help would be appreciated.


Range component from 0 to 90° (elevation)
Range component from 0 to xx° (azimuth)
Use cross reference to make (elevation, azimuth)
Use Point Polar
Use Line SDL

And certainly begin to learn the software. Struggling is the best way to learn. Help is useful if you are in a dead end.

thanks for your help and yes indeed I need to learn.

There is a good Grasshopper reference from modelab

A good thing is to explore the GUI of Grasshopper
Then double click on canvas and put the name you want, here is the tricky part because some name are not the same as you think. I had difficulties finding the way to sum double, it is named Mass Addition for me it is more a sort of Integral …

Most of the time there is a solution has it is a very clever program. If you don’t find use a search engine (Google) then the forum